Room Deactivation

If you no longer need a room, for the time being, you can deactivate your room to declutter your dashboard. The deactivated room is always available under your Rooms dashboard if you use the Status filter and select to view All or Inactive rooms.

Deactivating a room turns off email notifications and the ability to upload/delete documents.

Users can still view all items in the room, custom column values, due dates, and notes, but you can't make any changes. You can't add or remove teams and members.

To deactivate a room:

  1. Click into your desired room.

  2. Go to Settings on the left sidebar in your room.

  3. Find the Status option under General Settings.

  4. Click on the Active toggle to change it to Inactive.

  5. A pop up confirmation box will appear. Click ok to confirm the change.

You can always access your inactive deals in your Dashboard. Navigate to your Rooms dashboard. To view only your inactive deals, click on the Status filter and select Inactive.

Room Hiding

If you no longer need a room and you think it is safe to remove it completely from your dashboard, you can use the Hide Room feature. Once you hide a room, you can't undo this action on your own. Please contact our customer support if you want to restore the hidden room.

To hide a room:

From your dashboard:

  1. Click the Actions menu on the right side for the chosen room and click Hide Room.

  2. Confirm the action by clicking the orange "Hide Room" button.

From your room:

  1. Open the Settings page on the left sidebar.

  2. Under General Settings select Hide Room.

  3. Confirm the action by clicking the orange "Hide Room" button.

Users in the room, except those belonging to a Restricted or View Only team, will receive an email notification when a room is deactivated, reactivated, hidden, or shown.
In order to be able to hide a room, you have to be in the Host team and belong to the organization that created the room.

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