Most users looking to create templates in ProDeal will create a new room and then repeatedly clone that room.

Another way of creating a custom template for your ProDeal account is to send an email with a PDF, .doc, or XLS file of your custom checklist to

The ProDeal team will add this template to your account, which you can access from the new room creation screen.

To create a new room using a Checklist Template:

  1. Click the New Room button on your dashboard.

  2. Enter in the Room Name and Room Type. The Total Transaction Amount and Closed Date fields are optional.

  3. Select a checklist template.

  4. If you want Access Management to be enabled in your room, make sure it's turned on.

  5. If you want to make the room private, click the Private Room button. Here is an article that can help you to learn more about Private Rooms.

  6. Click Create Room.

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