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What's New in First Half of May 2018
What's New in First Half of May 2018

List of features, enhancements, and fixes shipped in the last two weeks

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We Added these New Features

Mass sharing of documents between groups

An Outlook add-in so you can upload emails and attachments

Email Notifications only for items that are your responsibility 

Other Features

  • Web API v1.0 for third-party apps integration

  • We now preview .htm files in our document viewer

  • You can request access to docs that were not shared with you

  • Download deal rooms directly from the download menu

  • We added training deals & user certifications


You can upload entire folders now and maintain the sub-content

We made several user interface improvements

You can see the content info about sub-folder now

We added a download button to the action menu 

We improved the deleted document notice

Infrastructure & Security Updates

  • Enabled processing of documents concurrently for faster uploads

  • Added unique data encryption per each organization

  • Improved data caching configuration to speed things up


  • Uploading a file in IE11 used to create a document using the full path as the document name. Now it doesn't.

  • We fixed how we display really long group names 

  • We fixed how the Document Access Info Dialog appears

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