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What's New in Second Half of July 2018
What's New in Second Half of July 2018

Take a look at the updates we rolled out in the past two weeks to keep you ahead of your transactions

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New Features

Decide Who Can See What and When with Bulk Permissions

Manage User access to any number of Documents in a few clicks. Easily align the permissions in the Checklist with your Room security protocol.


Keep Teams on Top of their Tasks with Bulk Responsibility

Quickly assign Responsibility for any number of Line Items to any number of Teams.


Easily Organize Your Checklist with Drag and Drop

With the newly added Drag and Drop ability for Documents, now you can quickly adapt the Checklist to suit your needs.


Focus on the Information that Matters with the "NEW" tag

Find NEW Documents that require your attention. Then remove the NEW badge from the ones that don't. Just click on the badge to make it disappear.

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