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What's New in First Half of October 2018
What's New in First Half of October 2018

Sub-folder status, keyboard shortcuts, copy/paste checklist creation and more to help keep you ahead.

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Get Quicker Insight into What Needs to Be Done Next

Status, responsibilities, due dates, reminders and notes are not just for Line Items anymore. From now on, you can track status, assign responsibility and set due dates for Folders.

Bulk Upload Folders and Docs to Create the Checklist

Have another data room or desktop folder structure you want to move to ProDeal?  Drag’n’drop the folders to a Checklist Heading and we will upload all the documents and make new Line Items and sub-folders auto-magically.

Quickly Select a Range of Items to Perform Batch Actions

Use shift + select to easily select multiple items at once and perform any of the actions available.

Have a Checklist in a Spreadsheet or a Word Doc? Copy/paste It to ProDeal

Use the new heading and line items create dialog to paste a list of items you want to create in ProDeal. Each item has to be in a new line but don't worry about the empty lines - they will be skipped.

Other Improvements and Features

  • You don't have to wait for the download to be prepared. Close the download dialog and we will send you an email with the link.

  • Filter deals by Deal Type on your Dashboard.

  • Added download action to Headings hover menu.

  • Updated Export to PDF to include all checklist items and all notes.

  • Our Checklist page went through an uplift!

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