Customize Your Email Notifications

Customize your email notification settings so you are always up to speed on new information.

To customize your notifications

  1. Go to Notifications from the left-hand sidebar.
  2. To set your notifications to receive updates as they happen, update the As It Happens column with your selection. You can receive None, All, or My Responsibility to only receive notifications for those checklist items that your team is responsible for.
  3. To set your notifications to receive them as a Daily Recap every morning, check or uncheck the boxes for each action.
  4. Once you've updated your settings, click Save.

Update Your Room Settings

Want to make changes to the room settings like adding a custom column, deactivating the room, or hiding notes and history? Check out the related articles below to learn more.

Note: Only the Host Admin of the room can adjust the Room Settings.

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