Here's what we brought to you this month:

  • ProDeal iOS Application

  • Single Sign-On

  • Faster Experience With Massive Checklists

  • Refreshed Landing Pages

ProDeal iOS Application

We’ve taken everything you love from our web app and made an easy to use iOS app that lets you check the progress of your deal at anytime from anywhere. The power of ProDeal in your pocket.

Single Sign-On

Tired of remembering all those passwords? Now you can log in to ProDeal using the Single Sign-On Authentication on an enterprise level. Easier and safer at the same time!

Faster Experience With Massive Checklists

Working with tens of thousands of checklist items just got better! This behind-the-scenes update makes working with massive checklists as smooth and fast as working with the small ones.

Refreshed Landing Pages

We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed landing pages are live. The update includes changes to navigation and the improved structure of our content which now includes testimonials, security and product overviews.

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