Write a New Note

Use notes to communicate with your colleagues or partners over specific items

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To write a new Note, click on the Actions Menu of any heading, line item, or folder and select Notes. If you switch one of the columns to show the Last Note value, you can add a new note directly by clicking "Click to add note" if there are no existing notes or click on the preview of the exiting note.

After someone has written the first note on a checklist item, a Chat Bubble Icon will appear on the checklist. You can access notes by clicking on that icon. Unread notes have a blue chat bubble. You can also use Filter Unread to filters items containing unread notes.

Write a new note in the text box and apply the desired formatting. Once you have finished, click Send.

Your notes can contain links, bulleted or numbered lists, links, and Bold and Italic text.
Additionally, after being submitted, your notes can be edited and/or deleted.

Keep in mind that all edited and deleted notes will be clearly marked in the note history.

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