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Export data from ProDeal
Export data from ProDeal

Circulate the Closing Checklist, Closing Binder or Room Inventory outside of ProDeal by exporting it.

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You can download your ProDeal data in various formats for your sharing or reporting requirements:

  • closing checklist (pdf)

  • closing binder (pdf)

  • room inventory (pdf or xls)

To initiate the export, click the ACTIONS button in the top right corner and click the Export button.

You will see a new Checklist Export screen where you can choose between Smart Checklist (PDF), Closing Binder (PDF) and Inventory (PDF or XLS).

Select the type and format and click Export, your file will be downloaded shortly.

The Smart Checklist PDF export includes your current filter settings. You can export items filtered by Status, Access, Responsibility or Upload Date.

Documents are now part of this export so you can't use Unread filter.

Columns displayed in the exported document are the columns you can see in your checklist at the moment of export.

The Closing Binder PDF export will list all the room documents marked as closed.

The Inventory PDF export will show all the Checklist items from the room you're exporting from.

This kind of export includes a list of all Notes in the room if the Notes feature is enabled in Room Settings. Also, it will also show at least the Responsibility and Upload Date columns. Custom Column and Notes columns are displayed if these features are enabled in the room.

Inventory XLS export has 5 tabs: Cover page which lists team, Checklist, Room Inventory (contains documents), Notes and Contact info of all users in the room.

All items in the exported (.pdf version) files are hyperlinked. You can click on the item in the PDF file to go directly to that item on ProDeal.

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