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Webinar: Managing Access on ProDeal (October 25, 2019)
Webinar: Managing Access on ProDeal (October 25, 2019)

Check out this webinar of our interactive walkthrough of our new Access Permissions feature!

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This webinar is an interactive tutorial on all our new access management features. We've also included a minute-by-minute guide at the bottom so that you can jump to specific parts of the webinar that best answer your questions.

Webinar Highlights
1:40 - What's new in ProDeal
3:03 - New create room screen
4:23 - Column switcher description (access column & responsibility column refresh)
5:33 - Responsibility filter update
5:50 - Bulk select refresh
6:20 -  A basic access permissions walkthrough
8:00 - How to remove access to an entire folder
9:08  -  How to give access to some but not all items in a folder
10:45  -  How to use the access column and filter to confirm the changes you've made
11:17 -  How can I manage one team's access to all room items at once?
12:53  -  I want to move items from one place to another
14:08 -  Does assigning responsibility depend on assigning access? 

Want to learn more about managing access on ProDeal? Click here for more resources including a 90 second walkthrough video.

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