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Mark multiple items as read
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There are three ways to mark items in your room as read.

Mark individual items as read

Click the document's Actions menu and select "Mark as Read"

Mark multiple items as read

Use bulk select to select the items you want to mark as read. Click the "Mark as Read" button at the top of the screen.

You can also select a line item or folder, all contained documents will be automatically selected, and marked as read after clicking the "Mark as Read" button.

Mark multiple items as read while downloading them

You will be prompted if you want to mark all documents as read while downloading them. You can check the box and all documents will be marked as read.

Note: Opening a document will mark it as read.

You can also Mark documents as Unread from the checklist using the Actions menu for the document or from the Document Viewer after opening a document.

Unread documents have a blue dot next to them as well as next to the parent folder's name.

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