Room cloning is a great shortcut to jump-starting work on your deal by copying the entire existing checklist, teams, and responsibilities over checklist items as well as uploaded documents to a new room.

All that's left to do is to add people to the teams in your new room!

Note: you must be on the room's host team to clone the room.

Clone an existing room from the dashboard

Cloning a room allows you to include the entire room structure, uploaded documents, teams (only the teams, without the users), teams' responsibilities, and access.

To clone the room, head over to your dashboard, and choose a room to clone.

  • While on the dashboard, click on the Actions menu on the right-hand side for the selected room.

  • Click Clone.

Your newly cloned room will appear on the dashboard in the following naming format: OriginalRoomName (Cloned).
You can proceed with renaming and customizing the room to your needs from Room Settings and Teams pages.

Clone an existing room while on its checklist

  • Open a room you want to clone.

  • Click on the Actions menu in the top right corner where your Export and Document Sorting options are.

  • Click Clone This Room.

You can continue working in this room while the cloning lasts. You will receive an email when cloning is done. To open your newly cloned room, follow the link from the email or head back to your dashboard. You can use Search to find your room by name, just keep in mind that the name of the newly cloned room will be OriginalRoomName (Cloned).

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