In this article we will review how to automatically create a ProDeal room when a deal or opportunity in your CRM reaches a certain stage.   Auto-creating ProDeal rooms via your CRM workflow is an even faster way to get your deals kicked off and closed.  

The following instructions walk through how to set up this integration in HubSpot, but this can be done in any CRM! 

For purposes of our walkthrough below, to get started you will need user accounts with:

  • ProDeal 

  • Zapier, and

  • HubSpot

Log into Zapier and click on the "Make a Zap" icon to get started.

Search for "HubSpot CRM" and select the icon. 

Select "New Deal in Stage" as your trigger event. 

Once this is done, sign into your HubSpot account and click "Continue".

Select the pipeline and stage on which you want to trigger the action and click “Continue”. 

Choose App & Event

Search for “ProDeal” and select the icon.

Then select “create room” and click “Continue”. 

 Choose Account

Click “Sign into ProDeal”.

Then enter your ProDeal credentials on this page. 

Once ProDeal is listed in the dropdown menu, click “Continue”.

Customize Your Room

Use the “insert a field” icons (circled in red) next to each text box to add a HubSpot custom attribute. 

For example, when selecting a name, use the “insert a field” icon to use your HubSpot’s deal name for the name of the ProDeal room. 

We also recommend leaving this Checklist Access Management on (i.e. setting should be “Yes”).

Next, fill out the form to customize your room. 

  • Name: Click the insert field icon and select “Properties Dealname Value” to name your room the same name as your HubSpot deal (you can always change it later in ProDeal).

  • Room Type: Your options mirror those in ProDeal.Keep in mind that a selection here will apply to all rooms created via Zapier. You can always change this in ProDeal.

  • Checklist Access Management: We recommend selecting “Yes” so you retain the flexibility of managing access in your room.

  • Transaction Amount & Closed Date: Click the insert field icon and select the applicable HubSpot custom property to automate this.

  • Checklist Template: Choose the template you would like to use for your rooms.

At the bottom of the screen, the last option (labeled "Additional Data") allows you to tag deals created on Hubspot with ProDeal meta data.  If you intend to use additional features of the ProDeal/Zapier integration (like adding a closing date or completion of deliverables) into your CRM, you will need to follow these instructions. 

First, enter "hubspot_id" into the text box under the "Metadata (optional)" text box.  

Next, click the Insert a field icon adjacent to the metadata field and select "Deal ID." Once the dropdown menu is gone, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select "Continue."

Send Data

Run a test by clicking “Test & Continue”. Confirm the test room has been created in ProDeal.

Automate Adding Users

Now that rooms will be automatically generated, we have to an additional step to automatically add ProDeal users into those rooms. 

Click the plus sign to get started.

Select ProDeal in the Drop Down Menu. 

Under “Choose Action Event” select “invite users”. Then click “Continue”. 

Choose App & Event 

Select your ProDeal account and click “Continue”. 

Click the dropdown below “Team” and scroll all the way to the bottom. Select “Use a Custom Value (Advanced)”. 

Choose Account

Select the “Insert a Field” icon in the Custom Value for Team text box.

Select “Create Room” and then select “Team Id.”

Enter the email address of all users you would like to invite to the automatically created ProDeal rooms. Then click “Continue.”

Customize Invitation

Confirm all of the information is correct and click “Test and Continue.”

Turn on your Zap!

Toggle the “OFF” button to “ON.” Once your zap is on, you will see “ON” in the top right corner of your page.

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