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Email-to-folder, Room Export and new iOS version!
Email-to-folder, Room Export and new iOS version!

Latest ProDeal update for January 2020.

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ProDeal has been busy and we're starting the 2020. with a host of updates that will make your workflow and deal closing easier!


In order to make document and attachment upload easier, we have introduced a new feature: Email-to-folder.
Each Line Item now has a unique email address - so all you have to do is send an email with all the attachments to that address - it will be uploaded automatically to your ProDeal account and specific Line Item you choose.

Room Export

It is now even easier to download (export) your room details! You can choose between Closing Checklist or Room Inventory and export directly to PDF in 2 clicks.ย 

iOS 1.9.0 released!

The latest iOS ProDeal version has been released! We have updated our SSO log-in flow as well as fixed some small issues to make your workflow smoother.ย 


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