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Getting started with ProDeal iOS app
Getting started with ProDeal iOS app
Simple guide to get started with using the ProDeal iOS app
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After downloading and installing the latest ProDeal iOS app, you can start working on your deals on the go!

After successfully logging in using your ProDeal credentials (email and password) or SSO if your company has it enabled, you will see a dashboard looking similar to the one on the Web. 

Dashboard actions

From the dashboard, you can access your account settings and support by clicking the icon in the top left corner of the screen, navigate between the Dashboard, Activity, and Offline Docs in the bottom bar or create a new Room by clicking the + button in the top right corner. 

Searching for and navigating to a room

You can use scroll to navigate to the room, click on the search icon to type a name, use built-in filters, search through rooms based on their Status (Active / Inactive) or check only rooms marked as Favourites

Room view

Once you've entered the desired room, you'll be able to see the same Heading, Line Item and folder structure that you already know from the Web version. 

Similar to Dashboard, you can click on search icon to type a name, use built-in filters or search through Headings, Line Items and Subfolders based on their status (Open / In Progress / Closed) and Documents and Notes status (Read / Unread).

You can quickly find out more information by clicking the three dot menu for each Line item in your room. 

On the bottom of the screen for each room, you'll be able to switch between Checklist, Team, Room Settings and Room Activity view

Navigate back to the previous screen all the way to the dashboard by clicking the back icon in the top left corner. 

Clicking any uploaded document will open it directly while clicking the three-dot menu next to the name opens the new menu where you can choose:

  • Make document available offline (it will be clearly marked in your Room view) or remove it from offline documents

  • Mark the Document as Final

  • Mark the document as Unread

  • Rename the Document

  • Share the document directly from your mobile device using the default share menu

Clicking the three-dot menu for any Heading, Line item or folder will open a new menu with options, depending on your team's role:

  • Upload (files/documents)

  • New Line item (or folder)

  • Notes

  • Email-to-folder (if enabled for the room)

  • Rename (selected Heading/Line item or folder)

  • Share Secure Link (if enabled for the room)

  • Subscribe (get notifications for the updates)

  • Manage Access

  • Manage Responsibility

  • Due date

  • Edit Downloaded?

  • Delete

Tip: Unread notes and uploaded files will be visible under the Line Item name

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