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Automatically create teams in ProDeal rooms
Automatically create teams in ProDeal rooms
How to integrate ProDeal with HubSpot using Zapier - Team creation
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In this article we will review how to automatically create Teams and add users to your ProDeal rooms when a deal or opportunity in your CRM reaches a certain stage. 

Auto-creating ProDeal Teams and adding users via your CRM workflow is an even faster way to get your deals kicked off and closed.  

The following instructions walk-through shows how to set up this integration in HubSpot, but this can be done in any CRM supported by Zapier! 

For purposes of our walkthrough below, to get started you will need user accounts with:

  • ProDeal 

  • Zapier, and

  • HubSpot

Every Zap automation consists out of 2 basic steps: Trigger and Action.

To create a new ProDeal Team using Zapier, we use the “Create Team” action. It is pretty similar to the “Invite Users” action that we covered in the Create Room Automation.

Creating Zapier integration

Log into Zapier and click on the "Make a Zap" icon to get started.

Setting up automation trigger

Search for the service you want to connect to ProDeal (HubSpot in the example). 

Select the trigger event (New Deal in Stage for HubSpot in the example). 

Now, you have to connect your trigger service account with Zapier:

In the HubSpot example, you have to select the pipeline and stage on which you want to trigger the action and click “Continue”. 

Choose App & Event (Action step in Zapier)

For the action part of your Zap, choose the ProDeal app & “Create team” Action Event (type to search).

Now, you have to connect your ProDeal account with Zapier:

Finalize this step by entering your ProDeal credentials to authenticate.

You can now fill out the “Create team” form.

First, pick a room you want the newly created Team to be added to.
Clicking on the Room field will offer you a list of all rooms that you are invited to in ProDeal.
By choosing one of them, every time the Zap triggers, a new team will be added to the selected room.

You can also make this a bit more dynamic, by selecting the custom value for this field, and providing the room ID from the Zap trigger or any of the previous action steps.

Once we set up a room for the Team, we must fill out the team name, pick Team type and optionally enter an abbreviation (max 5 characters).

Since Team type should be a value from the list - you can pick one of them for all your future Teams, or again, make this dynamic by selecting a custom value. 

If you decide to go with the custom value, just make sure the team types match the ones allowed in the ProDeal app. You can always change the team type in the ProDeal web or iOS app.

The next step in creating teams is choosing a value in the “Permissions” field or Team roles. For now, you can choose “Admin” or “Guests”. You cannot create “Host” teams in ProDeal through Zapier.

If you want to add a predefined list of people to the newly created Room, you can add one or more email addresses to be invited to the Team.
This is optional, so you can also choose not to invite any users and simply skip this step.

The Team will still be created, and you will be able to invite users later manually, through the web or iOS app. 

After successfully creating this form should look like this:

Tip: This automation can create a Team and add users (with predefined roles) or just create an empty Team so the users can be added later. 

If you have any questions about this integration, please contact us using the chat or email at

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