You can start learning about ProDeal features using Product Tours which will take you through basic and advanced features.  To start a tour, just click the hyperlinked tour name below!

Learning The Basics

Dashboard tour 

For the start, let's learn about all the important elements on your Dashboard. 

Room creation 

Ready to create a new room? Let's see a quick walk-through.

Create teams 

Time to create a new team? Here's how. 

Add Users to teams

Let's check how to add people to your teams.

Upload and Download documents

Handle your documents easily - check how to do it. 


Notes are a great way to keep up with all the changes and keep in touch with colleagues and partners.

Checklist filters

You can quickly search for and access your resources using our filters.

Advanced ProDeal Features

Access Management

Always make sure you check and set access to your items and documents. 

Room clone 

Did you know you can clone your room? 

Columns switcher 

Learn how to customize the view in your rooms using the columns switcher.

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