ProDeal Product Tours - Guests
Tours for guests invited into the platform looking to learn how to get started.
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So you've just been invited into ProDeal and want to get familiar with the platform.  Click the hyperlinked tours below to take the platform for a spin:

To start, let's learn about all the important elements on your Dashboard where you'll be able to access the room you were just invited to.

You might want to invite your colleagues into ProDeal.  Follow this tour to learn how.

ProDeal allows you to distribute documents to parties in your room by adding them into the checklist folders.  This tour will show you how easy it is to upload and download documents. 

Notes are a great way to keep up with all the changes and keep in touch with colleagues and partners.

Use the checklist filters in your room to generate a quick punch list of open items.  You can use the export to also print these punch lists or the entire checklist. 

The checklist can display different information like notes or when documents were last uploaded and by whom. The column switcher allows you to toggle between different views.

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