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Automatically create a new room in ProDeal with a new Salesforce record
Automatically create a new room in ProDeal with a new Salesforce record
How to integrate ProDeal with Salesforce using Zapier
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In this article we will review how to automatically detect a new Record in Salesforce, open a new ProDeal Room using details from the Record and update the Record with the link to the Room - to considerably speed-up your flow.

Auto-creating ProDeal rooms via your CRM workflow is an even faster way to get your deals kicked-off and closed.  

The following walkthrough will show you how to set-up Salesforce <> Zapier <> ProDeal <> Salesforce integration, but this can be done with any CRM supported by Zapier! 

For purposes of our walkthrough below, to get started you will need user accounts with:

  • ProDeal 

  • Zapier (do note that Salesforce is a premium Zapier app, and only users with paid Zapier plans are able to use it)

  • Salesforce

Prepare your Zapier and Salesforce accounts for integration

To start this automation, please make sure you have a paid Zapier account, Salesforce account with added Zapier integration.

Login to Salesforce and customize the Opportunities tab by adding a new custom field (URL type) to save future ProDeal room links. Add the newly added custom field name and access permission and allow it to be visible on the Opportunities layout.

Set-up Salesforce Record trigger

1. Log into Zapier and click on the "Make a Zap" button to get started.

2. Choose (type to search) the Salesforce app and “New Record” as the trigger event.

3. Authorize with your Salesforce account - pick one of the existing or add a new one.

4. Choose "Opportunity" as the record type.

5. Test and review - if you have any Opportunities created in your Salesforce account, they should appear here. Click "Done Editing" to proceed.

You have created a trigger, let's move on to creating the Action that will perform each time the trigger happens. 

Set-up ProDeal Room creation Action

  1. In the Action field in Zapier, choose the ProDeal app and the “Create Room” action event.

2. Authenticate with your ProDeal account - choose existing or add a new one.

3. Customize the new ProDeal Room. Fill in the Room name, select its type and checklist Access Management. For Room type and Access Management you can choose from a list of predefined values, and Room name can be anything, but limited to 50 characters. 

You might want to generate the New Room name automatically using the information from the Salesforce Record. This way, each newly created Room will have a unique name tied to the Salesforce Record that triggered the Room creation. To achieve that, click on the “Insert a Field” icon (1), then choose “New Record in Salesforce” event (2), and choose the desired property - in this case, name (3). 

You can repeat the same procedure if you want to set the Total transaction amount and Closed date to reflect information from Salesforce.

This way - every New ProDeal room (created using this automation) will be customized with information from the Salesforce Record that triggered the creation. 

4. Test & review, and your room creation is done! 

Note: Testing is useful to check if the Zap is configured correctly, however, keep in mind that every test will create a room in the ProDeal. You can also skip this step and go straight to creating the next action.

Rooms created this way will have Salesforce ID displayed on the settings page.

Update Salesforce Record with the ProDeal room link

1.  Add a new step in your Zap, choose the Salesforce app and the “Update record” as the Action Event.

2. Customize the Salesforce Record. 

First, choose the “Opportunity” as a Record type.

Then, we need to fill out the most important field - the Opportunity ID. We should use the custom value from the trigger step, as explained in the “Set-up ProDeal Room creation Action” step. 

The other important field here is “ProDeal Link”. To get the correct value, click on the “Insert a Field” (1), then choose “Create Room” event (2), and choose the desired property - in this case, Link (3). If you don’t see the ProDeal link, try searching for it in the browser, or clicking on the “Refresh fields” button at the bottom of the form.

In this step, you can also fill out any other fields that you want to update based on the newly created ProDeal room. 

3. You can now also test, review, or skip the test, and the Zap configuration is done! 

4. Make sure you turn on your Zap.

Every new opportunity will now automatically create a matching room in ProDeal, and get updated with the room’s link!

If you have any questions or issues with setting-up this automation, don't hesitate to contact our support team using chat or email us at

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