If you have already set-up MFA for your ProDeal account, your ProDeal mobile App will pick-up the settings and you will be be asked to enter your MFA code on App launch.

To set the MFA on your ProDeal App, follow the simple procedure:

  1. Make sure you're using the latest ProDeal iOS app.

  2. Click the Account, Account Settings and Security button.

     3. Turn on MFA toggle 

  4. Make sure you have installed a 3rd party Authenticator App on your mobile            device. We recommend using Google Authenticator, but you can also choose use any  MFA-compatible device or service approved by your company that can supports      adding a one-time setup code.
  5. Copy the code (long string) from the screen (Click to copy) and Paste in the MFA App new code setup.

  6. Copy the newly generated MFA code (6-digit string) from the MFA App into t ProDeal MFA setup screen.

If you turn off MFA for your ProDeal on Web or iOS device, turning it back on will prompt the same procedure.

In case you have any issues with setting up MFA, please check MFA troubleshooting KB Article. If the issue persists, contact our support team for help, using email or chat. 

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