As an Organization Admin, you can easily activate and deactivate users from your company/organization.

  1. Click the Account icon in the top right corner of your dashboard

  2. Click Organization Settings

  3. In the Users tab, locate the user you want to Activate/Deactivate and click the switch

ProTip: You cannot deactivate other Organization Admins.

Once deactivated, the user will:

  • Not be able to log-in to ProDeal.

  • Not be able to access any rooms or documents.

  • Not receive any email notifications (updates) from the rooms he was active in.

Keep in mind that the user is being deactivated, not deleted.

The Teams page will not indicate the account as deactivated,.

If a deactivated user is reactivated, all previous access to ProDeal account and rooms and documents is instantly restored.

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