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Compliance Reporting
Compliance Reporting

Satisfy document retention and discovery requirements with this simple feature.

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Various regulatory or business requirements mandate that certain types of businesses retain or make discoverable certain information, communications and documents. Through our Compliance Report, ProDeal can aggregate all activity across all deal rooms and send it to a convenient location of your choosing to satisfy these requirements.

What is a Compliance Report?

The Compliance Report is a CSV file generated per room which gets automatically emailed from ProDeal to an email inbox of your choosing. The Compliance Report details all actions taken in a room within the prior 24-hour period. Examples of such activity include notes that are added, revised or deleted to/from room folders.

Where can I see the room activity included in my Compliance Reports?

Each room has a tab labeled "Activity Report." ProDeal logs all room activity. Those exact same entries are sent every 24 hours in your Compliance Reports. If you don't want others to see this Activity Report, you can either change their team to "View Only" or "Restricted" or turn off the Activity Report all together in your Room Settings.

What if I don't see certain activity in my Compliance Report?

All activity in your ProDeal room will show up in both your room's Activity Report as well as the Compliance Report. If you don't see any entries for a specific type of activity (e.g. notes left on a folder), it means there were no related actions in the room in that 24-hour period.

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