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Create to-do lists and email updates from your checklist in seconds

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If you need to share checklist items externally, you can easily copy and paste items into lists helpful for communication tools such as email. Copied checklist items will keep the same structure as seen in your ProDeal room.

How to copy checklist items?

  1. Select all the items that you'd like to copy.

  2. Click the Copy as Text button at top of your checklist.

  3. Open your email client and paste your copied items into the email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specifically will be copied?

Selected checklist items and due dates (if set) will be copied. However, documents can not be copied using Copy to Text.

Why do the copied items have links?

All copied items are hyperlinked back to your ProDeal checklist. Teammates must have access to the copied items in your room in order to view the hyperlinks.

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