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Guest Access Approval

Restrict access to only approved external guests/domains as an org admin

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This feature allows your organization to implement an approval process for outside organizations invited into your ProDeal rooms.

To turn on the Guest Access Approval:

  • Click on the account button at the bottom left corner of the global navigation bar and select organization dashboard.

  • Click on the Security tab.

  • Click on "Configure" on the right side of the Guest Access Approval section

  • Toggle the button to "On."

  • Select your desired org admin(s) that will be in charge of approving guests. Org admins can always change the designated approver(s) at any time.

Pro Tip: This designation is a very important role. Please ensure that you discuss the responsibility of being an approver with the selected org admins before turning on this feature. ProDeal is used by individuals at your organization who are focused on sharing documents on time sensitive matters. This feature can slow down that process. Having a plan for implementation is essential.

Once turned on, users at your organization will see a notice on the teams page reminding them of the approval needed before the external user receives an invitation.

Pro Tip: Prior to turning on this feature, discuss this step with members of your organization that use ProDeal. Getting ahead of these changes will ensure no surprises to their workflow.

After selecting your desired org admin(s) for approval, the org admin(s) will now see a tab for Guest Access Approval below the Security tab.

On this tab, the authorized org admin(s) will be able to approve or deny any external guest requests with the option of including a note. Once a guest user or domain is approved, the org admin(s) will not have to approve of the guest user again if added to additional rooms in the future.

After an external guest is invited into a room created by your organization, the org admin(s) will also receive an email notification about the guest approval request.

Note: Guest Access Approval is off on your organization's account by default. Only Org Admins have the ability to configure the Guest Access Approval.

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