Bulk download all documents

Now you can easily select any combination of Line Items, sub-folders, or documents to download. Download your selection by bulk selecting your combination and then clicking on the Download button that will appear at the top of your Checklist.

Pro Tip: You can use Shift + Mouse Click to select a group of Line Items or sub-folders in one click.

You can choose to download your selected files either with or without their folders.

If you are a member of the Host team and the watermark is enabled in the room, you can choose to download original or watermarked document versions.

Select either option when you click the Download button.

Bulk download all documents marked as FINAL

To download all the documents on your checklist marked as FINAL:

  • Click the arrow next to the bulk select checkbox.
  • Click on Select Final documents.
  • All documents marked as FINAL are now selected.
  • Click Download and select With Folders (to keep the folder structure) or Without Folders.

Note: You can bulk download all Unread documents the same way.

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