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How to turn on and use document watermarking
How to turn on and use document watermarking

Increase confidential file and document security by using watermarking.

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Enabling watermarking

Watermark is a room-specific feature that needs to be enabled by the room host in Room Settings.

To enable and start using watermarking:

  1. From the dashboard, enter the room you want to enable it for (make sure you have the host role).

  2. Click Room Settings from the left side menu.

  3. Scroll down and click Configure for Watermark option.

  4. Toggle Watermark on

(optional) Enter custom watermark text if needed and click Save. (example: Confidential information!)

Using Watermark

The watermark is automatically applied to all documents/files that can be opened directly on ProDeal:

  • When you open them on ProDeal.

  • When you download them from ProDeal. In this case, they will be watermarked and downloaded as PDFs.

Note: Any uploaded files that cannot be opened inside ProDeal (unsupported file types) cannot be watermarked and will remain unchanged when downloaded.

Downloading the original document (room hosts only)

If you are a room host, you will still be able to download the originally uploaded document (without the watermark).

To do so, simply:

  • Locate the document you want to download on your Checklist, or open the document inside ProDeal.

  • Click the 3-dot menu on the right side.

  • Click Download Originals.

Example of a document opened on ProDeal, with watermark applied

Watermark data

Watermark displays the following information automatically:

  • Custom text (if set)

  • Organization (team) name

  • User's full name

  • User's email

  • Date and Timestamp (indicating the time the document has been accessed or downloaded)

Watermarking Limitations

Watermarks will only apply to the following file formats:

  • .doc

  • .pdf

  • .txt

  • .jpg

  • .png

Watermarks will not apply to file formats such Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentations, or movies.

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