The host admin role may be designated as your team role within your room.

Note: you may be a host admin in one room, but a guest in another room.

The host admin is the person (and team) is associated with:

  • Creating and maintaining the room.

  • Keeping track of the rooms' status and progress.

As a room host admin, you can access the information about:


  • View and edit custom room attributes.

  • View and edit room settings.

  • Edit custom column.

  • Deactivate/activate room.

  • Export the checklist.


  • View all teams.

  • Create all team types.

  • Edit all teams.

  • Delete all teams except for host admin teams.


  • Bulk download.

  • Manage access and responsibility.

  • Mark as read and delete checklist items.

  • Rearrange/move checklist items.

  • Update status of items

Checklist items

For headings, line items, folders and documents

  • Create, rename, edit, delete, move, change status.

  • Manage access, responsibility, due date.

  • View, add, edit notes.

  • Send email to folder.

  • Copy secure link.

For documents

  • Mark as read/unread.

  • Download original without watermark and watermarked version.

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