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Create Teams and Add Users
Create Teams and Add Users

How to add and manage teams and users that are working in the deal room with you.

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After you have set up your room, now it's time to add teams and users to those teams.

Users added to teams will inherit the team's role as well as assign access to documents.

Creating a new team

Important: You can create teams in templates and preassign team roles and access to folders. This will save you from having to create new teams each time you create a room.

To create a new team, click "Teams" on the left sidebar of any room.

Note: If you don't see the sidebar, it might be minimized. Click the From the Teams page, click the three-line icon on the top left corner of the screen to expand it.

Once you're on the Teams page, click "Create team" on the top right corner.

Give the team a name, abbreviation (the abbreviation will show on the checklist as well as in exports) and team type.

You will add users to the team in the box beneath "Invite users." Note that you can paste a list of users into this box to bulk add.

Next, select the appropriate team role and then select "Create a team."

Add users to a team

To see which users are on a team, click the name of the team to expand it.

To add more users to the team, click Invite users and add emails into the text box. Then click Send Invite Email or Create Invite link

On the Email Invitation Note, You can send a custom email note when sending an email invite, you can edit the default invitation note if needed.

Click here for more information about Email Invitation Note

You can always copy the invite link, remove a user, remove an invitation, or resend an accepted invite by side-scrolling to the right of the user's email all the way until you see a 3 dot menu. Click it to access those options.

Click the 3 dot menu or more button if you want to edit the team, copy the user's work emails, or delete the team.

Managing team's access

Once you create a team, ProDeal will prompt you to edit the Team's access permissions. You can always edit these access permissions even after you create the team, add users, or add items to the checklist.

To manage access, use the bulk select boxes to choose what you want that team to see. You can also use the "Select all" or "Select none" options at the top of the pop up.

Editing an existing team

To edit a team's name, abbreviation, type or role, click the "More" menu on the right side of the team. From this menu you can also bulk copy the email addresses of all team members or delete the team. If you want to delete a team, you need to remove all users first.

Quick access to teams

You can always access a room's Team's page from your ProDeal dashboard.

Find the room whose team's page you want to access and click the three-dot menu on the right side of the dashboard.

This will quickly bring you to the team's page to make any changes.

πŸ’‘ Notes: There can exist only one Host team, which is the room creator.

Any non-restricted team user in the room can invite new team members to their own team.

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