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Add colleagues, partners or counterparties to the Teams in the Room
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To add a colleague as a User to your Team:

1. Enter the Teams page for the desired room:

• From the dashboard: for the selected room, click the 3 dot menu and then Teams.

• From your room's checklist: click Teams from the left-hand sidebar in your room.

2. On the Teams page, click INVITE USERS for the desired Team.
3. Enter the email addresses you want to add to the team.
4. Check all the emails you've added - in case you need to edit, please remove it and add the correct email address again.
5. Click SEND INVITES to confirm and send invites.

On the Teams page, you can check the status of all invited members: last seen and if the invite is still pending. You can also set a notification for the room to get notified when your invitee opens the room for the first time. If needed, you can Resend or Delete each individual invitation.

Users new to ProDeal will receive an email invitation to create an account to access the room while existing users will have the room appear in their Dashboard. Existing users will also get an email notification informing them they have been added to your room.

Host Admins can add users to ALL teams and create teams.
Admins can add users to their team, all Guest, Restricted Guest, and View Only teams.
Guests can only add users to their own team.

Read more about team roles and permissions on ProDeal

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