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We've improved the process of inviting colleagues to your ProDeal room.

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This will allow users with permission to invite an individual to copy an invitation link and send it directly to them.

In the process of inviting a new user, you can choose if you want to Send Email Invite Only or Create Invite Link. Click the dropdown to see the other option.

Note: Create Invite Link button will only be available if the invited person has no ProDeal account.

Send Invite Email - This is the same process we used. Emailing them an invitation to a ProDeal room, and have them set up an account to access a ProDeal room.

Create Invite Link - System will generate an invitation link and will be copied to your clipboard ready to send directly to the invitee to have them set up their account and access the ProDeal room.

Note: Once you have clicked the Create Invite Link button, ProDeal will not send an email invite, you will need to send the invite link directly to the person you invited.

Note: The invite links are always available to copy until the invited person created their ProDeal account.

Go to Teams Card and find the user that you've invited, and click the Link icon to copy the invite link of that specific person. Still, you can resend or cancel the invitation if needed.

When the invitee clicks the direct Invite link, it will take them to the ProDeal Account Creation Page to create an account.

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