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How do I create an account on ProDeal?
How do I create an account on ProDeal?
Get started by getting invited and creating a ProDeal account.
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How do I create a ProDeal Account?

In order to create an account on ProDeal, you need to be invited (by one of your colleagues, partners, or counterparties) to an existing ProDeal room.

Once I'm invited, how do I accept my invitation?

Once you have been added to a ProDeal room by an existing user, you will receive an invitation email containing:

  • Name of the person you invited you

  • Room (deal) name

  • Short overview of ProDeal

Click OPEN THIS ROOM to continue.

Creating a new ProDeal account

Clicking OPEN THIS ROOM will take you to the ProDeal account creation screen.

Step 1: Enter your First and Last name
Step 2: Check the box that you have agreed to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

After clicking CREATE ACCOUNT, you will be taken directly to the Room you've been invited to.

To set up your password, you need to request a password reset. Please click this link for more information on how to reset your password.

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Note: If you use Single Sign-On service, you don't have to set up your password.

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