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Log into ProDeal faster and without a password

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Login links are a faster way for users to securely create accounts on ProDeal without having to set and remember a password.

Pro Tip: For security purposes, a Login link will expire after 3 minutes.

Login Links for Existing ProDeal Users

  • You go to prodeal360.com and click login.

  • You will see a screen that prompts you to enter your email (if you don't see that screen it is because your browser has your email saved).

  • You either enter your email or your browser has your email saved and you will see a screen prompting you to enter a password

  • You can either enter your existing password to login OR click the link on the bottom of the screen that says "Email me a Login link." If you click the link requesting a Login link, we will send you an email with a direct link to log into ProDeal.

  • If you click that link, we will also save your preference - if you input your password, we'll keep showing you the password screen; if you start using Login links, we will show you the Login link request option.

  • We save your last option so if you want to start using a password, just select the option that says "Use password instead" and that's what you'll see going forward

    Pro Tip: Your password or login links preference is saved in your browser. If you change browsers (for example: from Google Chrome to Firefox), you may need to select your login preference in order to see it moving forward.

  • If as an existing user you never created a password and you want to create a password, select "Use password instead", and then on the following screen, select "Forgot your password? Don't have password?"

Signing up as a new user

  • As a new user you will get an invitation to ProDeal. You will click the link in your email that says "Open this Room" to create your account.

  • If you're a new user you will be prompted to enter your first name, last name and accept ProDeal's terms of service. Then click "Create account" and you're in!

Returning as a newly created user

Head to prodeal360.com, click "Login" and follow the steps as a returning user above. If you click the original invitation, that link will be expired, however it will redirect you to a login screen where you can either request a Login link or use/set a password.

As a ProDeal user, you will also receive notification emails when documents are uploaded or actions are taken in a ProDeal room that you are part of. Users can click links in those emails to return back to ProDeal and then follow the returning user steps to log in.

Pro Tip: To really speed things up, save app.prodeal360.com to your Favorites so that ProDeal is always at your fingertips

Login Links & Single Sign On (SSO)

If your organization uses single sign on to access ProDeal, you will not be presented with the option to use Login links. Your guests, however, will still have the option to use Login links when they are invited to ProDeal.

Can I turn off Login links for my organization?

Yes. Organization Admins for ProDeal subscribers can control whether invited parties have the option to use Login links. If you would like to turn this off, you can adjust this option in your Security Settings by heading to your account menu in the lower lefthand corner, selecting "Organization Dashboard" and clicking "Security" on the left side bar.

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