What is an Org Admin

Every company with a ProDeal account has one or more designated Org Admins, in charge of handling organization related features requiring a higher access level to all organization related information. 

This role allows advanced access and control over organization, room and user related settings and reports, which are not available to other regular users. 

Becoming the Org Admin

The Org Admin role is assigned during the onboarding process. Your company can add or reassign Org Admins at any time. 

What can Org Admins do?

ProTip: To add or reassign your organization's Org Admin, please contact us directly over chat or using email.

What else should I know?

As an org admin, you will very likely receive questions from your colleagues on how to use ProDeal.  We've curated a list of frequently asked questions hyperlinked to help center articles answering each question. 

Technical Questions (these may come from colleagues or counterparties/clients)

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