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Why can't I create a new Team?
Why can't I create a new Team?

Are you having trouble creating a Team in a room?`

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If you are having trouble creating a new Team, the first thing to do is check your status in a room. The actions you can take in a room depend on your status set by the host. Only Hosts or Admins have the ability to create a new Team. To find out if you are a host or admin, visit the Teams page. Under the team name, you will see what team you are in and what team role.

If it says Guest, you are not a Host or Admin and cannot create a new Team. As a Guest you will still be able to add colleagues to your own Team.

  • Head over to the Teams Page by clicking Teams on the left side menu.

  • Locate your own team and click the INVITE USERS button.

For more information, we recommend reaching out to a member of the host team or contacting ProDeal over chat or email

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