Why can’t I drag and drop documents from my email to ProDeal?  

This is a limitation of the web. ProDeal built an Outlook add-on which will allow you to drag documents and emails directly into ProDeal (download it here). You can alternatively save the attachment to your desktop and drag directly into ProDeal.

Why can’t I drag and drop folders into ProDeal?

If you are using Internet Explorer, there are limitations to ProDeal functionality.  For the optimal ProDeal experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or one of the supported browsers.

Are you using Citrix or another virtual desktop? 

This is a limitation to some virtual desktops where drag and drag does not work properly.  To fix this click the upload button in the ellipsis menu. 

What file types are allowed?

ProDeal supports multiple image, document and texts file formats which are commonly used. 

For security reasons, some file types are restricted by default. If you want to check about a specific file type, please contact us for more details on this. 

What is the maximum file(s) size I can upload.

Maximum file(s) size per one upload is 1GB. Please note that you can upload one 1GB file or multiple files amounting up to 1GB. 

If you are uploading files using the new Email-to-Folder feature, the maximum upload size is 20MB per email/upload, with multiple attachments is supported. 

I can’t upload any documents to ProDeal?

You can read how to upload documents here.  Common issues associated with uploads are:

  1. You don't have the permission to upload documents to the room. You are a member of a Guest team, which has no upload rights in the room. Please contact your Room Host for more details or contact us over chat or email.
  2. Trying to upload from an unzipped folder. These files will not upload unless you extract documents from the zipped folder and then try to perform the upload.
  3. Trying to upload a document directly from your email.  This is a limitation of web browsers. To fix this issue you can download ProDeal’s Outlook add-on
  4. Trying to upload from a virtual desktop. Citrix or other virtualized desktops offer limited functionality. If you find you are unable to drag and drop documents, try using the ellipsis menu and selecting “upload.”
  5. Browser is either zoomed in or too small.  Make sure to expand your browser to see the ellipsis menu on the right side of each line item. You can also use drag and drop to upload documents.
  6. Working remotely or using a VPN? Make sure to include ProDeal to the list of allowed services.  

If you have any questions, please contact us directly over chat or email us at support@prodeal360.com 

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