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Learn more about different Team roles and how to check and set access to your checklist and data.

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Users in a ProDeal room are organized into Teams. Teams have different roles, and the role that you choose determines what the users on those teams get to do in the room.

Team Roles in Detail

For more information on specific Team Roles, you can check:

  • Host - Room, checklist, and checklist items administration

  • Admin - Checklist and checklist items administration

  • Guest - View and access only parts of the deal room settings and checklist, upload, and download documents

  • View and Upload - View, access only parts of the checklist, upload and download documents

  • View Only - View, access only parts of the checklist, download documents, no upload allowed

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Team roles dictate how users on teams interact with a ProDeal room (specifically around configuring the room and visibility of other teams and users). In addition to setting a team role, you can also manage each Team's access permissions to documents and folders.

Setting a Role For a New or Existing Team

To create a new team and choose the right role:

  1. Head over to the deal room and click the Teams button on the left side menu. This will take you to the Teams page for this particular deal.

  2. If you want to create a new team, click the + CREATE TEAM button in the top right corner.

  3. In case you want to edit an existing Team's role, locate the Team on the list click the 3 dot menu/more button, and then Edit Team.

  4. Click the drop-down to choose available roles and click CREATE (for a new Team) or SAVE (for an existing Team).

    Click the link for more information on how to Create and Manage a Team

  5. Note that for each Team role, you can check the detailed description of the deal room, checklist, and checklist items allowed and restricted actions below the Team role selection.

You can also check the abilities of each team you've created by hovering your mouse over the team's icon on the teams page.

In case you need even more control over who can access your deal rooms, please check the Private room option.

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