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What is a guest and what can they do on ProDeal?

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The Guest Role is associated with the team you are a member of and accordingly, the room the team is located in. 

Example: you can be a guest in one room, and an admin in another room. 

The guest is the person (and team) invited to the room by the host admin, admin or another guest, to be able to access and download room content.

Note: The invited guest(s) will be able to access only the checklist items which the inviter approved. 

As a room guest, you can access the information about:


  • View custom room attributes. 

  • Export the checklist - only the items you have access to.


  • View and edit their own team, including inviting and removing members from the team.


  • Bulk download.

  • Mark as read

Checklist items

For headings, line items, folders and documents

  • View, add, edit, delete notes.

  • Send email to folder (only to line items and folders). 

  • Copy secure link. 

For documents

  • Mark as read/unread.

  • Download - if watermark is turned on, download only the watermarked version.


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