Organizations can add an additional layer of security to their rooms in order to prevent sharing with external parties by leveraging our Private Rooms setting.

In addition to adding more security by enabling and using Watermarking on documents, you can now create new Private Rooms or convert an existing, regular room to a Private Room. Private Rooms restrict access to any external, unapproved user.


  • By default, the Private Room is accessible only to members of the whitelisted organization(s) - existing ProDeal users will be added to the room automatically, and new users will be invited to sign-up to ProDeal and join the room.

  • The Private Room feature needs to be enabled for each existing or new room you choose.

  • No external parties can be invited to the Private Room.

  • The user who created the room may request to add additional organization(s) to a Private Room by contacting

  • The Private Room will stay private even if the room creator is no longer active or removed from the room.

Creating a new private room

  • Click the NEW ROOM button on your Dashboard.

  • Toggle ON for the Private Room option.

  • Click CREATE ROOM to confirm.

Converting existing rooms to private


  • You can convert existing rooms to private if they contain only members from the approved organization(s).

  • If your room has members from unapproved organization(s) or active invites for members, please remove them from the room first.

To convert your room to a private room:

  • Enter the room you want to convert to a private room.

  • Click on Room Settings in the left side menu.

  • Toggle ON for the Private Room option.

You can easily check your rooms' status from the dashboard or room directly.
All the Private Rooms will be visibly marked with a lock icon.

Private room example on the dashboard

Private room example from the room view

Inviting members to a Private Room

You can add ONLY people belonging to the approved organization(s) to your Private Room (their email address is from the whitelisted domain).

  1. From the Teams page, click Invite Users from the desired Team's card.

  2. Add the email addresses you want to add to the team (use comma as the separator).

  3. Check all the emails you've added - in case you need to edit, please remove it and add the correct email address again.

  4. Click Invite.

  5. Team's card will show the status for all invited members.

  6. If needed, you can Resend or Delete each individual invitation.

Learn how to add or remove a user.

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