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Restricted Guest role and team
Restricted Guest role and team
What is a restricted guest and what can they do on ProDeal?
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The restricted guest role and team are associated with the room the team is located in.

You can either create a new or edit an existing team to assign the restricted guest role.

Example: you can be a restricted guest in one room, and an admin in another room.

The restricted guest is the person (and team) invited to the room by the host admin, admin, or another guest, to be able to access, upload and download some of the room's content.

Note: The invited guest(s) will be able to access only the checklist items which the inviter approved.

As a room restricted guest, these are allowed actions and limitations:


  • No access to any Room details (custom attributes, settings, transaction amount, other teams, progress bar, closed date, search by a team's name.

  • No Export allowed.


  • No team related actions allowed.


  • Download is allowed.

  • Mark as read is allowed.

Checklist items

For headings, line items, folders and documents

  • No new item creation is allowed.

  • Notes are not visible/accessible.

  • Send email to folder (only to line items and folders) for accessible folders.

  • Copy secure link is allowed.

For documents

  • Mark as read/unread is allowed.

  • Upload documents to accessible items.

  • Download - if watermark is turned on, download only the watermarked version.

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