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Creating and Managing a Team
Creating and Managing a Team

Invite Teams and Users to the Room to keep everyone on the same page throughout the course of the transaction!

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What is a Team in ProDeal?

To add users to a ProDeal room, a user's email address must be added to a team. No users exist in a ProDeal room without being a part of a Team.

A team allows you to pre-set the permissions and access for any given group of people in a room, so that users can be added to the team easily and inherit those permissions/access. This allows you to quickly add users with customized permissions/access, instead of changing settings for individual users one at a time.

Teams can be created in your templates to make the process of adding users easier in the future.

Customizing Teams

When adding new teams to a ProDeal room, there are two important aspects that allow you to fully customize a user's experience:

  1. Team Permissions - this defines what privileges a team has in the room based on the below three team types

  2. Access Management - this defines the exact folders or documents that a team can see in the room

    ProTip: You can allow any Admin or Guest team to see as little as one single document and as much as the entire room, or any combination in between. This is where the power of ProDeal customized permissions truly shines.

Team Permissions: Defined by Team Types

There are 3 types of Teams: Host, Admin, and Guest. See below for a brief description of each and a guide to creating teams and adding users.

  1. Host - this is the team that created the room. There can only ever be 1 host team in any given ProDeal room.

  2. Admin - an Admin team is the highest level of privilege in a ProDeal room outside of the host team. Admins can do almost everything that a Host team member can do.

  3. Guest - any team outside of the above two team types will be a Guest team. A guest team's permission can be customized further in the Advanced permission settings.

Creating a Team

  1. Click Teams from the left-hand sidebar of your ProDeal room.

  2. Click Create New Team at the top right corner.

  3. Enter the Team Name, Abbreviation, and select a Team Type. The Team Type is not consequential to the functionality of the team, so choose the best fit for your given team.

  4. Insert the email addresses of users you would like to invite, with commas separating the email addresses if there are more than one. ProDeal will suggest to you the email addresses of those in your organization and others outside of your organization most recently added. Click here for more information on how to add users

    ProTip: you are not required to enter email addresses immediately when creating a team, you can leave this field blank if you'd like to add team members later.

  5. Click the dropdown menu to select Team Role.

  6. Click "Create team"

  7. Set Checklist Access for the new team, see below for further details on managing access.

You have now created a team that will allow you to add limitless users in the future with these exact permissions/access.

Access Management

Once you click "Create Team", you will be brought to the "Manage team access" page.

If you'd like the team to have access to:

  • all of the files in the room - click "Select All" and then click Save

  • most of the files in the room but not all - click "Select All" then deselect any that you do not want to include, and click "Save"

  • only one or a few line items, select the appropriate files/folders/items, and click "Save"

Once the "Save" button is clicked on the "Manage team access" page, any email addresses added to that team will be sent an automatically generated ProDeal email invitation.

ProTip: Access for any Admin or Guest team can be edited in the future by going to the Teams page and clicking "Manage Access" to the far right of the team name. A Host Team does not have an "Access Management" button, as the Host team always has access to the entire room.

Editing Users

Adding Users to a Team:

If you chose to leave the team member email field blank when creating a team, you can invite users at any time by clicking "Invite Users" on the appropriate team, on the far right of the screen. ProDeal will suggest the email addresses of the users in your organization and the email addresses that you most recently added to ProDeal

Removing Users from a Team and Re-invite a User:

If you need to remove a user's access to a ProDeal room, you will need to remove their team membership. Click the 3 dot menu to the far right of the user, then click "Remove User" depending on whether the user has accepted their invitation yet or now.

Click here for more information on how to remove users

If you need to re-invite the user, click the re-invite button, this will re-send an email invite to them.

Canceling, copying an invitation link or resending a user's ProDeal invitation:

If a user has not logged into ProDeal yet, you can either resend their invitation or cancel their invitation using the 3 dot menu to the far right of the user's information

Click the Link Symbol, if you want to copy the invite link, and send it directly to the invitee.

💡 ProTip: You can copy members' work emails and invite/add the same users to a team in another room. From the 3 dot menu for the desired team, select Copy User's work emails.

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