Send attachment(s) directly to your room and folder using email.

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To make document upload even easier, you can now send all the attachments you want directly to any checklist item you choose (Heading, Line Item, Folder), using email.

Email-to-folder needs to be enabled on the room level:

  1. Head over to Room Settings in the room you choose.

  2. Scroll down and click on the toggle to enable this option.

Next, locate the Line Item (Heading or Folder) you want to add the attachment(s) to.

  1. Click the 3dot menu on the right side

  2. Click on the Email-to-Folder button

Now, let's find and copy the unique folder email address you can use to send attachments to.

  1. Click the Copy button to copy your folder's address

  2. Head over to your desired email client, create a new email, and use the address you have copied as a destination.

  3. Add the file(s) you want to upload directly to your Line Item

You can use Email to Folder for headings and folders as well.


  • Email-to-folder needs to be enabled for each room you choose

  • Make sure you send the email from the email address you're using to log-in to ProDeal

  • You can send multiple attachments to be uploaded to your folder

  • Email header and body will be converted to PDF and uploaded to your folder as well

  • The maximum file(s) size possible to upload through one email is 20MB

  • Users who belong to Guests and Restricted Guests teams can't send emails to headings.

  • Users who belong to View Only team can't use this feature.

  • If a room is inactive, users can't send emails to folders in a room.

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