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I'm not getting emails from ProDeal
I'm not getting emails from ProDeal

Are you not receiving email notifications from ProDeal? This may be why.

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If you’re not getting emails from ProDeal, not to worry! Here are some things that may help explain it.

  1. Check your spam or quarantine folders. Sometimes emails get redirected to spam based on your company’s internal settings.

  2. Check your Notification Settings. Oftentimes, our users take advantage of our customizable email notifications and disable all of them. Visit your notification settings to enable them.

  3. Contact your company’s IT department and request they whitelist the ProDeal domain. Companies have default settings that might redirect unfamiliar domains directly into spam. Whitelisting will put ProDeal on the approved email list.

  4. Log into ProDeal and check your email address. This will help you confirm emails are going to the right address. You can check your email address by clicking the Account Settings icon in the lower right corner of the screen and finding your email under the “Personal Settings” tab.

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