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Troubleshooting MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)
Troubleshooting MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Resolving most common issues with MFA

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My phone was lost or stolen

In case your mobile device was lost, stolen or compromised in any way, we urge you to contact our support team as soon as possible or use chat.

I have a new phone

  1. Temporarily disable MFA protection on your Web ProDeal account.

  2. Proceed by setting-up MFA on your new device, following the same procedure as setting it up for the first time. Please check Web and instructions on how to do it. 

Code I enter is incorrect

This is a common issue that can usually be resolved quickly by checking:

Expired MFA code

Codes generated by Google Authenticator and other Authenticator Apps are time expiring, automatically refreshing after 30 seconds period. If the code has expired before you clicked submit, it will not be accepted. Make sure your code hasn't expired before pasting it to ProDeal MFA screen.

Incorrect device time settings

Make sure your phone's time is set to automatically update to your local time zone. If you've manually set your phone to a different time, your Authenticator codes won't work. 

Wrong MFA code entered

In case you have multiple similarly named MFA accounts or have codes for other resources in your Authenticator App, it’s easy to accidentally enter a wrong 2FA code. Please double-check and try again and make sure you enter the right one.

In case you still have issues with troubleshooting MFA, please contact our support team for help, using email or chat. 

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