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Send a custom email when inviting a colleague to your room!

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This feature allows you to customize the email note when sending an email invite. If You want to send a kick-off email for your deal directly from your email address and incorporate the ProDeal invitation into that message.

Customize ProDeal's Email Invitation

To invite users to a ProDeal room with an email sent by ProDeal, but with a tailored message in the email invitation, take the following steps:

  • Click "Invite Users" on the team you would like to invite someone to

  • Enter their email address

  • Edit the text displayed in the "Email Invitation Note" field

Click "Send Invite Email" in the bottom right corner

The invited user will receive the email invite with the custom email note.

If the invited person accepts the invite, they will be redirected to the ProDeal Account Creation page, where they will create their account to access the ProDeal room.

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