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Managing & Creating Room Templates
Managing & Creating Room Templates

Create and manage templates on ProDeal's templates dashboard to speed up room creation

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Templates allows you to use the same or similar checklist structure for every deal. This not only speeds up room creation but also helps you create uniformity among deal rooms used across your team and/or at your company.

To get started, on the Rooms tab, click the Templates, and it will take you to the Templates page.

All your templates are accessible from the Templates tab. You can edit each template as you would a room. Then, you can create rooms from that template.

Creating a new template

In the top right corner of the Templates tab, click the โ€œ+ Create Templateโ€ button. Alternatively, click the Create button found in the global navigation bar, you will see the โ€œ+ New Templateโ€ to create a new template.

  1. Enter the Template Name and Template Type. This is the required information.

  2. Fill out the desired information and click "Create Template."

Once you click "Create Template," ProDeal will automatically open the new template room where you can configure your template.

For more information on configuring your room, click here.

๐Ÿ’ก When creating a new room from a template, you will have the option to copy over everything: users, teams, access permissions, documents, notes, etc.

Creating a room from the Templates tab

After you finish configuring your template, you can create a room from that template.

  1. Navigate to the Templates tab.

  2. Locate your desired template.

  3. Click the blue "Create room" button on the right side.

  4. Enter the Room Name and Room Type. This is the required information.

  5. Click the What do you want to copy to the new room? Select the following checklist structure that you want to copy over.

  6. Check the box for the following Checklist Information and Teams (include users if needed) that you want to copy to the new room.

    Checklist Information:



    Items statuses

    Due dates

    Custom column values

    Teams and Users: (Check the box "include users" if needed)

    Host teams
    Admin teams
    Guest teams

  7. Enter the desired information and click "Create Room"

Creating a room from the My Rooms tab

To create a new room using a Checklist Template that you have made:

  1. Click the +Create room button in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

  2. Enter the Room Name and Room Type, this is the required information.

    The Total Transaction Amount, Workspace, and Closed Date fields are optional.

  3. Select the correct template under Create From Template (name of the room template).

  4. Click Create Room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be copied over when creating a room from a template?

The newly created room will have the same checklist structure, teams, and details as your template. The following specifics will be cloned when you create a new room from a template:

  • Team names and roles (option to copy users is available)

  • Notes

  • Due Dates

  • Custom Column Values

  • Documents, folders, line items, and headings

  • Documents, folders, line item statuses

  • Custom statuses

  • Access and Responsibility

  • Room settings (General Information such as Room Type, closed date, estimated closed date, transaction amount, and asset type) and Checklist Settings

How do I make changes to a template?

You have the option to make changes to the following details after creating a room from a template:

  • Room type

  • Closing date

  • Transaction amount

  • Checklist Access Management

  • Private room

Hover your mouse over any of these details and click "Edit Value" to make changes.

If I make changes to a template, will those changes trigger notifications to my colleagues?

No. Templates don't generate notifications like normal rooms. You won't receive Daily Recap or Real-Time Notifications, Due Date, or Invite Reminders.

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