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How to find and access detailed room information: General Information and Custom Attributes

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You can easily access additional room details for any room belonging to your organization.

Access Room Details either from your room or from the dashboard.

If you want to open the Room Details page from the dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Actions menu corresponding to the room whose details you want to edit.

  2. Click Details.

If you want to open the Room Details page from the checklist, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Details button on your left-side menu

On the dedicated room details page, you can see two categories: General Information and Custom Attributes.

General Information

Default information was added to the deal on room creation by the room host. You can add/change workspace, and edit room name, estimated closing date, total transaction amount, room type, and asset type.

Editing General Information values

General Information values can be edited on the room settings page by the room host. Note that while this information may be edited, it cannot be removed from your room details page.

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes are custom, organization-specific properties created and added by your company’s ProDeal org admin.

Custom Attributes example

Custom Attributes can be used to store any information your organization uses regularly or might need quick access to, such as:

  • Contact information on people and companies collaborating on the deal

  • Different deal figures and amounts

  • Addresses

Editing Custom Attributes values

Custom attributes can be edited at any time by the Room Host directly from the room details page.

To edit the value, hover the mouse over the custom attribute. Then click the "Edit Value"

If you want to remove an existing value in your custom attribute. Replace the current value with " - " , Dash is considered as empty.

Adding, removing, and editing Custom Attributes categories

Org Admins can easily manage Custom Attributes by heading over to their Organization Dashboard page and selecting the rooms details tab.

ProTip: For more information on Custom Attributes, please contact your Org Admin or you can send us a message over chat, or email us at

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