Creating a new workspace

In order to create a new Workspace, contact us at and prepare the following information:

  • Names for all the workspaces you want to create.
  • Emails for all the users you want newly created workspaces to be enabled for.

Using Workspaces

Use Workspaces to organize your deals into groups right on your ProDeal Dashboard. One Workspace can contain multiple rooms.

Workspaces allow you to easily transition back and forth between rooms. To view a different room in a Workspace, click on the Workspace Name on the top left hand of your screen. This will reveal a window listing all rooms in that Workspace. Open any room by clicking on it.

Creating a new room in the workspace

To create new rooms in a Workspace, go to the Dashboard. Click the actions button on the right hand side of a Workspace and select New Room.

You can also click the New Room button on the top right of the Dashboard and select the Workspace you wish to add the room to.

Adding an existing room to a workspace

To add a pre-existing room to a Workspace, open up the room and click Room Details. In the Workspaces row, select Edit Value, then click on the desired Workspace from drop down menu and click on the checkmark button.

All members of a deal room can see if that room is a part of a Workspace. However, they will only be able to see the rooms in the Workspace that they have been added to. Being invited to one room in a Workspace does not give you access to the entire Workspace.

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