Create a New Room

Quickly create a room to manage your transaction on ProDeal.

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Click the +Create Room button on the top right of your dashboard in the upper right corner.

Enter the Room Name and Room Type. This is the required information.

If you are creating a room from a template, you will select a template from the dropdown under "Create From Template." Templates are optional. While they speed up room creation and help teams keep rooms consistent, you do not need to use a template to create a room.

To learn more on how to use room templates, click here.

If you have workspaces added to your dashboard, you can add the room to a workspace by selecting the workspace from the dropdown under "Select Workspace." If you would like to group rooms on your dashboard under a workspace, please use the in-app support chat to send us a message and request the workspace.

You can also add the transaction amount and anticipated closing date. If you don't add this at room creation, you can always edit these fields in your room details section.

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