Setting Up Your Room

To create a new room

  1. Click New Room from your dashboard.
  2. Enter in the Room Name and Room Type. The Total Transaction Amount and Closed Date fields are optional.
  3. If you are using a checklist template, select it from the Select Template For This Room drop down menu. (This is optional. If you do not select a template, you can add folders on the fly once you create your room. See the Notes section below to learn more about how to use checklist templates.)
  4. If you want Access Management to be enabled in your room, make sure it's turned on.
  5. If you want to make room private, click the Private Room button. Here is an article that can herp you to learn more about Private Rooms.
  6. Click Create Room.


  • The clip above shows how to create a new room without using a checklist template.
  • Only Certified Users can create new rooms. If you would like to create a room but you aren't certified, please contact

Managing Access to folders and documents.

How do I use a Checklist Template to create a new room?

After you have created your new room, learn how to customize the checklist on the fly!

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