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Upload Documents and Folders
Upload Documents and Folders

Share a document with your colleagues on ProDeal

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Upload Files/Documents

You can upload single or multiple documents by clicking the Upload button on the heading or line item/folder level within your room. To find the Upload button, hover your mouse to the right of the heading or line item/folder level.

This will open the file selection dialogue and allow you to search for, select and upload any document(s) from your computer.

You can also drag and drop any file or files from your computer directly to the heading, line item, or folder to upload it.

Upload folders

To upload folders, please use the drag and drop feature: find the folder you want to upload to ProDeal, click and drag the folder(s) directly to the heading, line item or folder you want to upload to.

Note: You can drag and drop any folder structure into ProDeal and it will be duplicated on the platform.

In case you have any issues with upload, please check out Upload Troubleshooting article or contact us directly over chat or email.

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