Filter Your Checklist

To make your workflow as efficient as possible, use our Filters Feature. At the top of your Checklist are three colored Filter Icons:

  • Red - open items or deliverables
  • Grey - items in progress
  • Green -  closed items  

Next to the colored icons filters, you'll see the following options: 

  • Filter by Access (see all the items accessible by a particular team)
  • Filter by Responsibility (see all the items assigned to a particular team)   
  • Unread filter (quickly see all unread documents or notes)
  • Upload date filter (find all items created in the selected time period)

You can use any of these icons to filter your checklist. For example, to view only open Line Items, click the red icon. To view only Line Items that are assigned to one Team, select that Team from the drop-down menu in the Responsibility Filter icon.

Example: You can filter to view only Open, Closed, and Unread Line Items that the Lender's Counsel Team is responsible for.

ProTip: You can use these filters in any combination.
You can export your checklist based on active filters.  

The easiest way to quickly find items on your checklist, use the search box located on the top of your room page, 

Search by entering Line Item Name, last update, or status and your Checklist will load the results in real-time, as you're typing. 

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